The Tool Library Responds to Racial Injustice

The Tool Library was founded on the idea that the existing economic system has failed a vast majority of Americans, especially Black and Indigenous People of Color. The same can be said for too many of our other institutions. Our policing, justice, education, healthcare, and political systems all find their roots in violence, genocide, and oppression. 

In Buffalo, we’re incredibly lucky to have a rich culture of engaged citizens working to end this injustice each and every day. We’re proud to have organizations on the frontline of racial and social justice like SURJ Buffalo, Black Love Resists in the Rust, PUSH Buffalo, Coalition for Economic Justice, and WNY Peace Center to name a few. Please add in the comments any other organizations or individuals who deserve our collective funds, support, and attention.

As an organization led predominately by white individuals, we stand in solidarity with our community in University Heights and these organizations and thank them for their leadership, their wisdom, and their insights into how we can listen to the voices of BIPOC, learn from their collective knowledge and experiences, and act. There should be no more men, women, or trans folks like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and countless others, murdered for their race. The Tool Library stands in action and solidarity at this urgent moment, as a community resource and as individuals. It is well beyond time to end the systematic racism that allows lives to be threatened and taken. We commit to doing the work we have to do now and beyond this moment of outrage, and lifting up the voices that matter. 

This week, we will be reaching out to these powerful organizations and individuals as well as neighborhood associations and block clubs to offer partnership, support, volunteer-power, and resources in the struggle to mobilize. Please consider donating your time, talents, or funds to these local organizations doing anti-racist work, or the bail fund projects or memorial funds in cities around the country.

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Listen. Learn. Act.

In solidarity,

Darren Cotton
Founder & President
The Tool Library Inc.