Strategic Planning For A Shared Future

In 2018, The Tool Library formally incorporated as an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization. After two years of significant growth and development, The Tool Library now finds itself at a crossroads. Operating as an all-volunteer organization for the past nine years, the board recognizes that in order to grow beyond a neighborhood-based service provider, the organization will need to bring on paid staff. Operating in the small 650 sq./ft. storefront since 2012, the organization is now bursting at the seems. A new and larger home for The Tool Library is needed.

This document is not meant to be a static snapshot in time, but rather a dynamic tool that The Tool Library can use to identify assets, develop plans, and work with community stakeholders and residents to implement solutions over the next five years.

What Went Into This Plan?

More than a year in the making, The Tool Library’s Strategic Plan has come a long way since an initial afternoon spent by the Board of Directors gathered round a living room imaging what the future might hold for the small but mighty organization.

With participation at the heart of what The Tool Library does, we also wanted this process to be more than just driven by the Board. That’s why we organize a bi-annual Members Roundtable where Tool Library members get a chance to weigh in on what is important to them and where they’d like to see the organization go. This is accomplished through post-it note exercises, walls covered in kraft paper, and group discussions.
This is also reinforced at our annual Borrow, Build, and Bunch fundraiser, where a community brainstorming session on the year ahead helps cap off the event.

Finally, as The Tool Library worked to pivot its operations in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, feedback from our members was not only critical in shaping new day to day operations, but also reinforcing the organization’s long term needs.

We want to thank and acknowledge everyone who had a hand in crafting this document no matter how big or small. To our board members, volunteers, members, community partners, and funders – you are helping us build a better, more resilient, and more responsive organization.


Click the thumbnail below to download a PDF of The Tool Library’s 2021-2025 Strategic Plan.