Super Tools

It’s a Jackhammer! It’s an Infrared Heat Gun! It’s a Super Tool!

In addition to thousands of tools available for free, the Tool Library offers members access to a small collection of premium Super Tools for a daily rental fee of $20. The first items we’ve acquired as part of this program are a jackhammer, infrared heat gun and power drain snake.

Please be safe: You should only rent these tools if you have the skills, experience and proper personal protective equipment to use them safely.

Have an idea for a Super Tool you think we should add? Contact us at or 716-510-1745. We want to hear your thoughts!


How Super Tools are helping us build community

Revenues from the Super Tool program will be reinvested in the Tool Library. The daily rental fees will contribute to our ability to purchase new tools, keep old ones in good shape and serve our members and our community through our shop on W. Northrup Place and through our numerous service projects. The Super Tool program also enables us to carry items that members have requested but were previously too pricey to acquire.

Current Super Tools:



This is a heavy-duty electric pavement breaker acquired with support from Black and Decker. Great for demolishing old foundations, sidewalks, or patios.

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Infrared Paint Stripper

Called the Speedheater Cobra, this high-tech tool uses infrared rays to make paint removal easier. It’s designed to reach tight spaces and be a safer alternative than many other tools on the market for removing lead paint.

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Power Drain Snake

This professional-grade plumbing tool can help clear messy clogs in sinks, bathtubs and other pipes. It should not be used on toilets.

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