Dare to Repair’s BIG Impact on Waste

While these numbers don’t exactly capture the magic of our Dare to Repair events, they do show us how small changes can have a BIG impact. 🛠️ As current recycling technologies reach their limits of usefulness, reducing, re-using, and repairing the things we consume has become increasingly important to creating sustainable solutions to addressing the global waste stream.  Dare to Repair Cafes are meant to get our community rethinking waste by connecting those with a need (like a broken lamp or toaster on the fritz) to those with the know-how (like a retired engineer or a bike mechanic).

Since 2017, our amazingly awesome volunteer fixers have worked with over 700 individuals, successfully repaired 319 items, and diverted 2,579 lbs. of potential waste from local landfills.

Imagine the impact we could have if we had repair cafes in every community across the country! 😍

Learn more and get involved today.

Looking to start a repair cafe in your own community? Visit the Repair Cafe home base and learn how you can become part of a growing fixer movement!