Dare to Repair Cafe – Bicycle Edition

DTRC85x11FlyerMay2018thumbGot a bike that needs fixing up? Bring it to our bike-specific Dare to Repair Cafe and let us take a look! We’ll have fixers on hand from around the community, including GOBike Buffalo!

The Dare to Repair Cafe will take place on Saturday, May 5th from 10:00AM-1:00PM in the parking lot of St. George Orthodox Church (2 Nottingham Terrace).

The Dare to Repair Café is Buffalo’s take on the global Repair Café movement, which started more than eight years ago in Amsterdam. Conceived as a way to rethink waste and transform our throw away economy at the local level, the Repair Café model has since spread to nearly 50 countries and with 47 cafes now active in the US.

The Dare to Repair Cafe is a community event where individuals can bring broken items to the repair cafe and have volunteer “fixers” try to repair the item alongside them for free! It’s not just about reducing waste, it’s about sharing knowledge and building community.

Interested in becoming a fixer? Sign up using our handy dandy form!