Introducing the Tool Library Members Forum

The Tool Library has always been a place of shared tools and shared troubleshooting. From what grit sand paper to use on that new “antique” from AmVets to how to properly cut moulding, volunteers and members at the Tool Library have made it a habit of passing on skills and knowledge they’ve acquired. Now, we’re moving that community online and making it easier for anyone to join the conversation, with the Tool Library’s Member Forum. Built right into the Tool Library’s new website, the Members Forum is a place to ask questions, find answers, and share all your DIY projects! The Members Forum features a Q&A section for all those pressing questions you have on your most recent DIY plumbing, electrical, or gardening project. There is even a place to share stories, before and after photos, and battle wounds.

Special thanks goes out to Tool Library member and volunteer Eric Borestein for pioneering the idea of Tool Library technical assistance. What was original brainstormed as a hotline (1-800-TOOL-TIME) where members could call in with project questions, has evolved into the Members Forum, which will serve as a learning platform for members to learn and grow from TL volunteers and from one another. If you find yourself in a dire DIY or carpentry crisis, you can contact Eric at


If you’re interested in becoming a contributor to the forum and would like to help people with their project questions, please register for a members forum account and get in touch with us at!

Happy Sharing!
The Tool Library Team